Who we are

About Technoid

Technoid came about from the founders’ travels throughout Africa and the U.K. In Modern times data can mean the difference between surving and thriving in a business market. With the amount of data businesses have access to, we help to sort through all this data, from the important to the unimportant, to interpriting the data so that it can be actionable. As experts in digital marketing we work with you to acheive one of the most important function of your business, To increase your traffic and turn it into cash.

“ I do what love to do, and i've been helping businesses grow since 2018. It's an honor to work in different industries and with different people, and still be able to provide high customer satifaction for each and every client. If you think we might be able to work well together, We here at technoid will to the best of our ability to ensure we reach your target ” Tan Svovah.

What we want to achieve

o Vision – To become a leading Digital Marketing provider for entrepreneurs in the UK

o Mission – Empower tomorrows Entrepreneurs

o Purpose – To provide peace of mind and empower small business owners on the marketing of their businesses for future success

Our Core Values

• People first – Each person’s experience is at the core of our business

• Genuine Understanding – At the end of the day each person’s circumstances are different and we listen until we understand your situation and where you want to go

• Care service – Providing a high service is a standard in this business, that’s why we aim to provide a care service that each person can count on




Getting to know ME

Why did you choose digital marketing?

When we got chance to choose subjects in high school, I chose business studies and BTEC sports, I always liked football and I guess something drew me to Business studies so much so that I chose it in sixth form and graduated from Northumbria with a Marketing Management Degree.

What do you like to do?

I love to read philosophical books and go to gym, but every now and then I love to meditate. A certain philosopher once said silence the mind and the soul will speak, and I take that into my everyday life.

What type of person are you?

I guess its hard to truly know what kind of person you are, but I enjoy each and every persons company. I love to see people rise above their limits, In my opinion it’s the truest expression of being human.

What type of music do you like?

I love afro beats, UK rap, American rap, Deep house and also soul music, And I also love classical music its surreal.

Where do you live?

I live in Middleton, Leeds. I was originally born in Zimbabwe and came to the U.K when I was 8.